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The Society "SREE KRISHNA ACADEMY" felt the burning need of an educational institution to impart value based education to boys and girls of 21st century arena. The main purpose is to relate education to the life, cater needs & aspirations of our people and to achieve the goals of human progress by increasing the productivity, accelerating the process of modernization for attainment of social, moral and spiritual values in the form of Ancent "Gurukul like Teaching Environment" through individual attention and by close monitoring.

In the present day of expanding and exploring knowledge, determined and devoted efforts are to be made by exceptionally endowed institutions to imbibe best standards of education and character in the students in order to prepare them to meet the challenges of future.


More so, Education at Degree & P.G. Level  is the most crucial period in the life our children and it is the spring board from which the student enters into the field of his choice to fulfill the goals of their lives. It is also here the student stays in the crucial age  where he overwhelmingly requires personalized and full attention to develop the qualities of academic excellence, creative and innovative mental Process and positive character, which are essential to have the path for a bright career in his life. 

We believe that in terms of our ability to inculcate these traits in our students in developing their character, charisma and competence in giving them the best possible grounding in the practicalities and theory of commerce and management, we easily rank one among the best of the best.

Our motto is to impart true education endowed with academic moral and spiritual values which makes the man to stand upright and make his life purposeful for the benefit of mankind. 

You are well aware that the   focal point of any college is its library and we are proud to announce that our library  contains nearly 20,000 scholarly tomes, and has seating capacity for well over 300 students.  In addition we are currently  consoliding our rare book and journal section. Now we are planning  to have  a seperate block with advanced Digital library facilities during this academic year.

Our commitment also extends to the quality of our staff and its continuous upgradement. We are proud to announce that our Teaching Staff have gained 15 years of rich experience with plenty of commitment.  In addition those who are appointed newly are being constantly encouraged to enhance their knowledge base and experimental skills on a continuous basis.
In our quest to mould our students to conform to this ideal of moulding the students with multiple skills we actively encourage them to participate in extra-curricular activities such as seminars, group discussions, sport activities etc., . Nor have our students let us down in our expectations, for a fair number of them have won prizes in sports, cultural and debate competitions at both the national and international levels.
An additional attractive feature of our institution, matched by perhaps no other college in the state of Andhra Pradesh, is the extremely cosmopolitan and heterogenous nature of our student body, with more than 800 students from other states such as Orissa, Assam, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh etc., currently studying here. We feel that such a mixed student population helps in developing cross- cultural empathy, tolerance, rapport and the ability to get along with a variety of people.
The growth of our institution in the past 20 years has been so phenomenal that we now have more than 1200 students of which 150 students are residing here in state –of–the-art hostels equipped with fully modernized and hygienic dining facilities as well as possessing recreational facilities like audio-video rooms and a high quality gymnasium.
India now stands poised at the brink of a glorious, indeed spectacular, future; a future in the shaping of which we at TSR & TBK college have every intention of playing a decisive role in. Already thousands of our students have attained highest positions in India and Abroad and their contribution is substantial and remarkable in various fields.
In summary the credo of TSR & TBK COLLEGE is to achieve excellence in teaching and research, mould our students as world class citizens, impart knowledge through team work develop state-of-the-art infrastructure and establish synergistic relationships with industry, business & commerce.

Campus & Locale

Endowed with the natural beauty of green mountains in the background, the college is in the midest of magnificent mango trees with well laid gardens, parks, green lans, concrete roads and pavements. Thus the college campus is absolutely dust free, clean, green and serene resumbles “SECOND SANTINIKETAN ”. The college has about 10 spacious well ventilated ,brightly lit buildings with built up area of 1,00,000 sft to house the class rooms, laboratories, seminar halls ,Library etc with an iducive atmosphere for academic activity. Play fields, gym facility, assembly hall etc are also provided for extra curricular activities .The College is located on the National high way (NH_16) of the city in Visakhapatnam, one of the fastest growing cities of India in Coromondel Coast which is bestowed with beautiful beaches of Bay of Bengal surrounded by Green Hills, Blue Waters, Red sandy soils and is popularly known as the city of Destiny all over the world possessing a peaceful and serene atmosphere for higher studies & Reasearch. The college is just 6 kilometers from the international airport of Vizag city and 12 kilometers from railway station and thus well connected with rail and road from all cities of India.

In summary the credo of TSR & TBK College is to achieve excellence in teaching and research, mould our students as world class citizens, impart knowledge through team work, develop state of the art infrastructure and establish synergistic relationships with industry, business & Commerce for the benefit of students THE ENDEAVOR OF TSR & TBK IS TO MAKE SMART CITIZENS  OF SMART CITY.