Dear Alumnus,

It is a source of pride , joy and nostalgia to us, the management of TSR & TBK college, that you studied and graduated from our institution, and likewise we are sure it will arouse a commensurate feeling of satisfaction in you to know that your Alma Mater has expanded and grown to un-anticipated, indeed undreamt, heights since your departure. We are now in an accelerated phase of growth and have attained a national status with a total student body in excess of 3000 comprising a multi-cultural spectrum and pot-pourri of nearly 800 drawn from just about every sector, nook and cranny of the sub-continent – a veritable academic smorgasboard as it were !! especially given that our college offers an academic palette that allows a mix-and-match strategy by the student to fit his or hers specific requirements and inclinations, an edificatory feature which is unprecedented for most institutions.

At this particular juncture, well over 500 students are enrolled in approximately 10 different P.G. that we are currently offering  on prospectus, and study in a scholarly atmosphere where discipline, reverence for truth and knowledge, pragmatic results and high,unwavering standards have become our watchword and leitmotiv.

Nonetheless, we feel that this is no time for complacency, to rest on our laurels, especially given the unprecedented, spectacular, indeed relentless, pace at which academia is burgeoning all over the nation. In fact , one may go so far as to say that not since the time of Brahmagupta has the nation experienced such a rising fervor, awareness and revival of education and knowledge as a dual tool of personal, societal and national growth. This is a cultural wave that we at TSR and TBK would like to ride our to its denouement – preferably positioned at the crest !!! Our high growth rate has only whetted our desire and determination to transform our college, which already has an unequivocal and indisputable national status, known throughout, into an academic institution of internationalrenown.

However, as you are probably well aware, the active role, involvement and sustained support of past alumni is vital, critical, occasionally pivotal, to the ongoing growth and well-being of academic institutions and hence we have become increasingly aware that it is necessary for us to compile an operational dossier of all past students along with the pertinent details of their current occupation. In order to fulfill this we have initiated atripartite protocol. 1) to prepare a comprehensive database of all past students 2) to maintain an active interaction and long-term dialogue between the college and past alumni 3) to periodically organize “alumni meets”, where both the staff and past students can get together on an informal basis for an exchange of views, opinions and suggestions.

We would therefore be much obliged to you, if you were to take the time out from your working schedule, which undoubtedly is a hectic one, and do us the favor of preparing your current resume, in the enclosed proforma, and return it to us at your earliest possible convenience. This would substantially enhance and facilitate future interaction and communication between us, an interaction which doubtless shall prove fruitful, rewarding and productive, both on a personal and professional level, both to you and the future growth and development of TSR & TBK, in the years to come

It is our avowed belief that with your continued cooperation, constant encouragement and involvement we will make our institution a “DISTINGUISHED UNIVERSITY” within the next three years.

Thanking you for your co-operation..

Best wishes !!